Forfeit a Game

To forfeit a game please ensure you follow the below process:


1. Contact must be made with one of the following people (in the below priority):
First contact: Please make sure you contact the correct Registrar

Registrar (Mon night mixed, Wed & Thur night and Sat Juniors) – Lynda O’Keefe 0411 717 068

Competition Supervisor (Mon & Thur morning) – Jade Wilson 0424 140 658


Second contact: President – Fiona Cooke 0438 377 527


Third Contact: Administration Officer – Steph Kearney 0405 753 834 (during WNA office hours only)

2. Do not leave a voice mail message – It is unfair on everyone associated with a forfeit (opposition team, umpires, administrators & Registrar) to assume that a message has been collected and acted upon in time.

3. Do not send a text message or email as it may not be seen in time

4. You must speak to one of the people above only

5. Pay your forfeit penalty promptly (at the time of your next game is preferred)