Changes to By-Laws: Results and Penalties During Grading

Wyndham Netball Association Inc., Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:54PM

Dear Club/Team Delegate.

As discussed at the delegates meeting in May and supported by the majority of Delegates in attendance we would like to remind you that as of the commencement of the Spring 2017 season the following changes have been made to the Grading Period; refer to bylaw 1.12 (as highlighted in yellow below).

Firstly, we want to clarify that there are 3 periods for a Competition Season:

  • 1The Grading Period: the initial 3 weeks of the Competition Season.At the end of the Grading Period teams will be placed into Divisions/Sections for the remainder of the Competition Season.However the Board of the Association reserves the right to review a grading decision at a later stage if there is compelling evidence that a grading decision needs to be corrected.
  • 2The Competition Period: the weeks of regular competition between the Grading period and the Finals Period.
  • 3The Finals Period: the 3 week period of finals competition to conclude the Competition Season with the grand final game.

Competition Season

Grading Period: 3 weeks

Competition Period: duration varies

Finals Period: 3 weeks

1.12        Conduct of Games

  1. The Association adheres by the rules as stated in Netball Australia’s Official Rule Book, as well as Netball Victoria’s regulations, except:
    1. Timing (if games are less than one hour) then:
      1. 4 x 10 minute quarters
      2. Change ends for the start of each new quarter
      3. ¼ time and ¾ time, a changeover time of one (1) minute is allowed
      4. ½ time provides a two (2) minute break
      5. No injury time except in preliminary or grand final
      6. A game may be stopped without stopping the time clock by the umpires in extenuating circumstances to ensure player welfare and a safe playing area are maintained
  2. A Team must take the court with a minimum of five (5) players, with a minimum of four (4) players being their own registered players. Refer to By-Law 1.14 for rules on borrowing players.
  3. In the event that a Team does not commence the game with a minimum of five (5) players within 5 minutes of the fixtured start time of the game, the game will be awarded as a forfeit to the non-offending Team. Refer to By-Law 1.15 for rules on forfeits.
  4. During the Grading Period:
    1. No points will be awarded for results of a win, loss or draw to any team.
    2. No goals scored for or against will be recorded to calculate a percentage for a team.
    3. Penalties for playing an Unregistered player will be applied.The offending team will carry a 4 point penalty into the Competition period.No points are awarded to the non-offending team.
    4. Games played by registered players during the Grading Period will be counted towards finals qualification.
    5. Best and Fairest player votes will be awarded.
  5. During the Competition Period:
    1. Four (4) points will be awarded to the winning Team of a game.
    2. Two (2) points will be awarded to each Team in the event of a draw at the completion of normal time in a home and away season.
    3. No points are awarded to the Team losing the game
    4. Goals scored for and against will be recorded for every team to calculate the percentage for each team. Refer to By-Law 1.21 b).
    5. Games played by registered players will count towards finals qualification.Refer to By-Law 1.21 e) – 1.21 i).
    6. Best and Fairest player votes will be awarded. Refer to By-Law 1.18.
  6. Extra time is not played in home and away season games. Refer to By-Law 1.21 for the requirements on extra time in drawn finals
  7. The Association may shorten the time of play and/or lengthen the time of breaks between quarters when games are played in extreme weather conditions.
  8. Fixtures will be arranged for all competitions indicating courts and times.


Clubs/Teams are also reminded as to what is deemed to be an Unregistered player:

  • Player playing without a clearance that has been approved by the Association
  • Excess use of a borrowed player
  • A borrowed player has not been identified on the scoresheet
  • A borrowed player plays with more than 1 team in the round
  • A Single Game Voucher player has not been identified on the scoresheet
  • A player is incorrectly listed on the scoresheet:i.e. an incorrect name is recorded
  • A player was not listed with the team during team registration or not added to the team list via the scoresheet
  • An un-financial player
    • No VNA membership has been purchased and/or no proof of payment is provided at the time that the player participates in a game.
    • No Single Game Voucher has been purchased and/or no proof of payment is provided at the time that the player participates in a game.

Games played as an Unregistered player:

  • Do not count towards finals qualification
  • Do not receive Best and Fairest player votes



Please note that during the Grading Period, game results will be displayed on the fixtures and ladders.  This information is displayed to assist the grading committees and will be removed after the grading process is completed.



A full copy of the Association By-Laws is available from the Association website.  Clubs/Teams must make themselves familiar with the By-Laws to avoid penalties, confusion and disputes that inevitable take away from the enjoyment of the game.

Last updated: Sunday July 23, 2017 4:05PM
Author: Phillip Morley