Board re-structuring proposal for our AGM

Wyndham Netball Association Inc., Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:04PM

Dear members.


At the May Delegates meeting for the Association I opened up some discussion on potential changes to the Association’s Constitution with the aim of rationalising the number of people that are required at Delegates and Annual General Meetings.


This discussion was well received and has led to further discussions by the Board on the issue and further discussions on the future needs and structure of an effective Board.


I will be presenting the following proposal at this months Annual General Meeting (AGM).  I am distributing this information now so that you can discuss this proposal through your club/team and bring an informed discussion to the AGM.


Any changes to the Association’s Constitution require the approval of 75% of the members present at the meeting.


Up front, my apologies for the length of this communication.  I am trying to be as open and informative as possible.


Proposal 1


Increase the number of Board members to eleven (11).


As the Association grows the work of the Board also grows.  We need more people to assist with the administration of the Association.  We currently have at least 6 large clubs.  Each of those clubs should be contributing to the administration of the Association by providing a Board member but there should also be room for the smaller clubs to be represented so that the Board is always considering matters as they will affect all clubs.  We need to ensure that we do not rely too heavily on a small number of people, especially as the Association grows in size, and we need to ensure that a diversity of views is fairly represented on the Board.


Proposal 2


The Board of 11 members consists of:

                A 5 member Executive:


                                Vice President


                                Administration Secretary

                                Incorporation Secretary


                6 general Board members


The 2 additional Board places are general members of the Board.  The Board will also retain the availability of co-opting 2 additional people to the Board for assist with special projects and/or special expertise of a current matter.  6 general members will ensure that decisions of the Executive are automatically carried.  11 members provides for a vote to be decided on matters where all members are present and vote.


Proposal 3


Board members sit for terms of 2 years with 6 Board members elected in years of an even number (2018, 2020, 2022 etc) and 5 Board members are elected in the odd numbered years.


In the years where 6 members are elected to the Board, the election is for President and 5 other Board members.  In the year where 5 members are elected to the Board, the election is for 5 other Board members.  At the first meeting of the Board after the AGM, the members of the Board will elect from their numbers the people to hold the positions of:

                                Vice President


                                Administration Secretary

                                Incorporation Secretary

                                And the 6 remaining general member positions


Overlapping 2 year terms provides the Board with greater continuity rather than the possibility of all Board positions changing from year to year.  2 year terms also allows time to be more strategic in setting plans and allows Board members time to settle into their role and produce effective outcomes before their term expires.

Current 1 year terms really only allow the Board members to work from February to October as an active Board.

The members should always have a say in determining their President.  At the first meeting the Board should be setting its priorities and putting the best people into the roles to pursue those priorities.


Proposal 4


Nominations for the position of President must be received 21 – 14 days before the AGM and the nominations must be communicated to members 14 – 7 days before the AGM.


With 2 year terms and the above restructuring, the members need advance notice of who has nominated for the position of President so that the members can take an informed opinion into the AGM.  If there is a contest for the role of President, the members will be provided with the information well before the AGM, again for the reasons of an informed decision in any contest.


Proposal 5


To reduce the number of individuals that are required to attend a Delegates or Annual General Meeting the following quotas are set:

Clubs with 1 – 5 teams require a minimum of 1 delegate

Clubs with 6 – 11 teams require a minimum of 2 delegates

Clubs with 12 or more require a minimum of 3 delegates


Clubs can continue to send 1 delegate for each team if they wish, the above are minimum requirements.  The present allowance of 1 person representing a maximum of 2 teams would be abolished.

This change will significantly reduce the number of individuals required at meetings.

This change will pass a greater responsibility on the delegates in attendance to pass information back through their clubs and require those delegates to engage in discussions and vote as a broader representative of their club.


Proposal 6


Clubs with 6 or more teams must put forward a minimum of 1 nomination for a Board position and 1 additional person to serve on a sub-committee.

Clubs with 12 or more teams must put forward a minimum of 1 nomination for a Board position and 2 additional people to serve on a sub-committee.


All of the large clubs have to contribute to the ongoing administration of the Association.  The bigger your club, the more resources you should be providing to the Association.

Nominating a person to the Board does not guarantee that they will be elected, although there is a strong expectation.  The work of the sub-committees should be assisting the Board in being more focused on governance and less of a “doing” Board.



I thank you for your time in reading this communication and urge you to discuss this throughout your club/team in advance of the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 24th October, 7:30pm (7:00pm sign in) at Eagle Stadium.



Phil Morley


Wyndham Netball Association Inc.

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Author: Phillip Morley