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Development Academy 2022

The WNA Development Academy replaced our Representative Program for 2022. 

The program was built for players that have the desire to represent WNA in the Central West Championships, with the final selection of our sides being from players within this program.

We hosted 7-8 training sessions and participated in 1 tournament in the lead up to the Central West Championships.


Training was be based on

  1. Enhance the skills of the players

  2. Teaching players game tactics

  3. Educate on proper preparation for games and recovery after games

  4. Strength and conditioning

  5. Umpiring


Age Groups

U13 Mixed Players born 2009/10

U15 Girls Players born 2008/07

U17 Girls Players Born 2006/2005

Selection Criteria

Players were assessed through out the training program with NO INITIAL TRIALS

Athletes were judged on the following criteria

  1. Ball handling technique in throwing & catching

  2. Athleticism - Footwork, running ability, jumping, and landing

  3. Game sense, spacial awareness and the ability to read the play

  4. Decision making under pressure

  5. Leadership and communication skills

  6. Attitude and level of commitment to personal development

  7. Coachable

A panel of Coaches and selectors picked the sides to represent WNA with teams announced prior to the first tournament.


$90/player to participate in the training program


$50/player additional for those selected to play in the tournaments.

Training and Tournament Schedule

Training will be held on Sunday’s from 9.30-11am

Players were assessed through out the training program with NO INITIAL TRIALS. 

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