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Honour Board

'Recognising the past for a stronger future'


History of the Honour Board - As Wyndham Netball Association was formed in 2013 with the Amalgamation of the Werribee Netball Association and the Werribee Junior Netball Association, Wyndham Netball recognizes the Life Members from both of the former Associations.


In 2017 Hoppers Crossing Netball Association (morning competition) ceased operations and Wyndham Netball began looking after all the operations of the former Association. In 2018 Wyndham Netball formally recognised the Life Members of the former Association as now Life Members of the Wyndham Netball Association.

Wyndham Netball Association continues to thank all of our Life Members and Distinction Awardees for all the tireless efforts they have contributed to making us who we are today.

Distinction awards are awarded at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for outstanding contributions to Wyndham Netball Association.

Wyndham NA
Werribee NA
Werribee Junior NA
Hoppers Crossing NA
Distinction Awardees Pre 2013
Distinction Awardees Post 2013
Phil Morley
Elaine Gebbie
Kerryn Flaherty
Dulcie Harvey
Kelvin Murphy
2015 - Maija Lowcock
Melissa Kearney
Jenny Toohey
Victor Armstrong
Yvonne Stormonth
Val Self
2015 - Natalie Elford
Fiona Cooke
Irene Cooney
Sue Barnes
Barbara Harrington
Jane Squire Austin
2015 - Wyndham Victory Netball Club
Wesley Armstrong
Wilma Ryan
Sandra Cameron
Lynn Tyrrell
Rhonda Hopper
2016 - Louise Mason Saunders
Lynda O'Keefe
Sheryl Marriot
Noeline Chalmers
Joy Delaney
2016 - Doug Mitchell
Maija Lowcock
Kerryn Flaherty
Dot Butler
Angela Bugeja
2017 - Natasha Oakley
Lorraine Purdon
Gaye Mancer
Maryann Parry
2017 - Giulia Galea
Lyne Moore
Denise Parslow
2018 - Maureen Andrews
Joanne Ryan
2018 - Sandy Andrews
Vicky Disney
2018 - Jenny Bradford
Ria Wilke
2022 - Alysha Guzzardi
Dulcie Harvey
2022 - Atika Stringile
Kerrie Gravenall
2022 - Sandra Cameron
Annette McLean
2022 - Trish Taggart
2022 - Wayne Cachia
Special Honour

Two of our Life Members, Irene Cooney and Kerryn Flaherty were immortalised with the unveiling of the name for the outdoor courts at Eagle Stadium. The names were chosen because of the great significance both women made to netball, women in sport and to the sporting facility over the many years.

Irene Cooney
Kerryn Flaherty
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