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Lodge a Complaint

The Wyndham Netball Association has three different processes for dealing with matters of non compliance with our Rules, Regulations and Codes of Conduct.

1. Our Constitution (clauses 21 - 26) deals with situations where the Association may take disciplinary action against a member of the Association, where the member:
i. Fails to comply with Rules (constitution) of the Association
ii. Refuses to support the purposes of the Association
iii. Engages in conduct prejudicial to the Association.

2. Our By-Laws and the Schedule of Penalties set out the requirements of our competitions and the penalties that are applied to Teams for breaches of our competition rules. Penalties are administered by our Competition Manager and a process is provided for appealing against these penalties.

3. Wyndham Netball has also adopted the Netball Victoria's Competition Regulations for matters where individuals (players, coaches, officials, spectators etc.) may have committed an offence.

The Competition Regulations set out:
i. What is an Offence
ii. Minimum penalties for committing an Offence
iii. The process for lodging a Complaint with the Association

Individuals should make themselves familiar with the Netball Victoria Competition Regulations if they believe a situation exists where a Complaint is warranted. 

Netball Victoria Competition Regulations

Complaint form (for lodging a Complaint with the Association) 

Respondent form (for those subject to a Complaint to provide their initial response to the Association)

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