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Wyndham Netball Association is affiliated with Netball Victoria, therefore all registered members have access to the Netball Australia Risk Protection program through Willis.


To be affiliated with Netball Victoria and receive these benefits, all our members must pay an annual fee (membership) to Netball Victoria.


Netball Victoria Membership fees 2021 (age as at 31/12/2021)


Senior - $78

Players, Umpires & Coaches born on or before 31/12/2003 (18 years & over)

Junior - $58

Players, Umpires & Coaches born between 01/01/2004 and 31/12/2010 (11 – 17 years)

All Abilities - $58

Members with a disability on receipt of valid ID

NetSetGo - $68

NetSetGo are born on or after 01/01/20011. Includes participation pack delivered directly to the members address

Off the Court - $46

Committee Members, Administrators, Volunteers, Parents and Spectators.
Please note: Players, coaches, umpires and bench officials must be a current senior, junior or AA member.


The Netball Victoria family consists of over 113,000 members who play, umpire, coach or support netball. In order to participate in a Netball Victoria affiliated Association or Competition and/or development courses, you must be a member of Netball Victoria. It is important to note that a player must have a current membership before she/he takes the court, so you must make sure you pay before your first match each year.

Players have the responsibility of ensuring a secondary registration has been completed, especially if a Netball Victoria membership has been paid via another Association's website.


Click here for Wyndham Netball Association's Certificate of Currency

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