Netball is a rigorous game and it demands so much of your body. In order to perform your best and reduce the risk of injury, you need to warm up prior to training/playing and cool down after.




  • The key to exercising safely and effectively

  • Warms the muscles

  • Increases delivery of oxygen/nutrients by increasing blood flow

  • Prepares muscles for stretching

  • Prepares heart for increased activity

  • Mentally prepares you

  • Helps to prevent injury during exercise

Cool Down 


  • Prevents the build up of lactic acid and waste products which cause muscle stiffness and soreness

  • Increases flexibility and freedom of movement

  • Reduces muscle tension

  • Returns your body to a relaxed state


How to/what to do (guide only - Warm Up)

A warm up should last for approximately 15 minutes.

Begin with low intensity activities (5 mins) such as jogging, side steps, high knees, bum kicks, grapevine then a few sprints at a higher intensity. Follow by dynamic stretching (continual movement).


Netball specific drills (10 mins) such as passing and catching and change of direction.


Should always be on the move.


How to/what to do (guide only - Cool Down)

Begin with a slow jog for about 100m followed by a walk.


Static stretches (10-15 mins) immediately after training/playing. Each stretch should be held for 20-30 seconds and repeated twice. Don’t bounce and stretch gently and slowly – never to the point of pain.


Make sure you stretch the major muscle groups used in netball – legs, hips, shoulders, arms & core.


It is best to keep static starching until after exercise as your muscles start to cool down and your heart rate returns to normal. Performing while cold could lead to muscle tears.