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Current Openings

WNA Head of Umpiring

  • Essential Job Functions: 21 Hours per Week

  • Manage and implement all aspects of umpiring within the Association.

  • Establish and maintain strong lines of communication with umpires, mentors, clubs, WNA board and other stakeholders

  • The Umpires Administrator, umpires and mentors reports directly to the Head of Umpiring

WNA Umpiring Administrator

  • Essential Job Functions: 6 Hours per Week

  • The Netball Umpire Administrator is responsible for appointing umpires for each netball game from the list of umpires available for each competition

  • This role reports directly to the Head of Umpiring.

  • Liaise with the Head of Umpiring to ensure the appropriate training level for junior umpires and mentors

WNA Game Day Coordinator

  • The role is to ensure match day operations are conducted efficiently and safely throughout the season

  • Supervision of all courts, including access control, court presentation, and the safe movement of players, spectators, and officials

  • Game Day Coordinator report directly responsible to the Competition Manager

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